Worth a watch..

Here are some interesting videos I found on YouTube about PCOS and Metformin. Some show stuides into the use of the drug for the syndrome and others help you understand the drug better which your putting into you’re body.

Hope you find them as interesting as I did 🙂  Continue reading

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Fighting the Resistance with diet

Insulin Resistance is the problem I fight every day,Image I have to watch what I eat as I cannot have carbs, starch and high sugar content in my food. This makes it really hard to find things to eat on the go and for main meals and even harder when I go out to restaurants. I started to see a pattern in my weight gain while eating food that consisted of these things, for a slice of bread I would put on 3pnds in weight, so this meant that carbohydrate had to be removed from my diet. There is not a lot of information out there for PCOS diets and I found it hard to come across any diet plans. The information all consisted of the same types of things: Continue reading

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An Amazing Doctor!

ImageSo the day came to see the Endocrinologist, I was so nervous about what he might say as this was an appointment I had been waiting for a while. After being taken around the houses when it came to doctors, the hope that I would see someone nice, helpful and understanding had dwindled. Continue reading

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Today may give me some answers…

I am off to see the Endocrinologist today and I am hoping that they can shed some light on Imagecontrolling my hormones for weight gain, hair loss and gain and Insulin Resistance. Fingers crossed I finally get some answers and help. I will post what they tell me and any helpful information, hopefully helping others.

Demi x


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Right that’s it, I’m going to fight this Insulin Resistance!! I have purchased a cross trainer/bike with weights and have started to do 30mins a day on it to start off. I have read online that this is crucial to do exercise to fight the bulge and it also helps with hormones. With walking a 20min walk to uni everyday there and back, I should soon see a change (I hope).

I will let you know how I get on, any advice welcome 🙂

Demi x

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The trouble with Doctors!

pcos d

I have had the worst experience with Doctors. Since I was 12 they told me I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and after they diagnosed me with this, they just gave me pills to take daily and sent me on my way, but the problems were not solved!
I was experiencing acute pain low down in my abdomen and was in and out of hospital. Ultrasound, after x-ray, after scan, they found nothing. On my 15th birthday they told me that they were going to send me to a clinic to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy procedure. After going through this horrible experience of two cameras places they shouldn’t be, they were no clearer on what was wrong with me and said to continue with the pills they put me on….. Continue reading

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Track of the Month!!

This is My Track of the Month, it always make me feel more positive 🙂 have a listen and I hope it works for you too! Its by Ben Howard, he won two Brits at the Brit Awards this year taking home British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. 🙂

Demi x

“I think people can hear that when the band and I play, we really mean it. I have always written songs that draw on my own emotions, and I don’t want to try and hide any of it. I guess everyone relates to raw emotion,” Ben Howard

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Well what is PCOS?


If you have just been diagnosed by the doctor or think you may have PCOS, you might not really understand what’s happening to your body, what you have been diagnosed with and what it means for your life now? Things are going to have to change for you and the realisation of some of the stuff you find out can be hard, but knowing the insides and out of the syndrome you can better prepare yourself in taking control of what is going on. Researching helped me tremendously with what I had to change in my life style and also what to be asking the doctors… Continue reading

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